Community Action Training

The Community Action Training programme (CAT) is a civil society project building capacity of young activists and leaders from the Eastern Partnership region and beyond in advocacy and campaigning for nonviolent social transformation.

Latest Updates

Success Story – Esma Gumberidze

‘A PwD activist has a two-fold objective: in addition to being involved in activism in general, they should also act as self-advocates, says Esma Gumberidze, Georgia’s youth delegate to the UN, a young European ambassador and a CAT participant.

Success Story – Tamara Chakvetadze

‘I adore children. Creating safe environment for them is my priority. The most effective protection we can give to children is to learn how to hear them out’, says Tamara Chakvetadze, a Parenting Program coordinator, trainer and a CAT program participant.

The New Wave of Activism – by Felipe Daza Sierra

The present paper aspires to analyze new forms of activism emerging in Georgia and other countries of Eastern Europe and South Caucasus region, as well as the challenges they are confronting.

“A Story of Self and Us”- Insights from CAT Fellow

This Blog was developed by Umut Kydyrgychova for the Centre for Training and Consultancy (CTC) as a letter of gratitude.

The “Oilon” Movement in Kyrgyzstan – Case Study

Two peaceful anti-corruption rallies were held in Kyrgyzstan in November and December 2019 gathering about two thousand people.

Campaign to save the Salaam Cinema in Baku – Case Study

The “Save Our Heritage” campaign began on May 6, 2019, and lasted until August 3. The main purpose of the campaign was to protect an ancient temple of worship and include it in the state list of historical monuments.

Campaign to Change the Discriminatory Laws in Iran – Case Study

This case study presents the “One Million Signatures for the Repeal of Discriminatory Laws” campaign which was a feminist action in Iran which begun in 2006.

Campaign to Protect Vake Park in Tbilisi – Case Study

The case of Vake Park is one of the successful cases of urban activism in Tbilisi.