The “Oilon” Movement in Kyrgyzstan – Case Study

Two peaceful anti-corruption rallies were held in Kyrgyzstan in November and December 2019 gathering about two thousand people.

Campaign to save the Salaam Cinema in Baku – Case Study

The “Save Our Heritage” campaign began on May 6, 2019, and lasted until August 3. The main purpose of the campaign was to protect an ancient temple of worship and include it in the state list of historical monuments.

Advocating of Chiatura Environmental Protection Issues led by Association “Chiaturians’ Union” – Case Study

The main aim of the project was to lobby improving ecological situation in the municipality and to minimize and eliminate environmental pollution by the existing objects, such as “Georgian Manganese”.

Es Shen Gekheba Campaign (‘This Affects You’ Campaign) – Case-Study led by Open Society Georgia Foundation

Review Non-governmental and media organizations started the campaign “Es Shen Gekheba (This Affects You)” in February, 2012 led by “Open Society Georgia Foundation”.

The “5 Qapik” Campaign in Azerbaijan – Case Study

The main purpose of the “5 Qapik” campaign was to cover the fines of young people who had been unfairly fined for participating in a protest action against the non-combat losses in the army.

Campaign to Change the Discriminatory Laws in Iran – Case Study

This case study presents the “One Million Signatures for the Repeal of Discriminatory Laws” campaign which was a feminist action in Iran which begun in 2006.

Campaign to Save Gudiashvili Square – Case Study

This case study presents the “Save Gudiashvili Square” campaign implemented by Tiflis Hamkari from 2009–2015.

Campaign to Protect Vake Park in Tbilisi – Case Study

The case of Vake Park is one of the successful cases of urban activism in Tbilisi.

Campaign to save Batumi Boulevard – Case Study

This article presents the civic campaign conducted in 2015–2016 to save Batumi Boulevard, the most significant recreational area in Batumi.