E-journal on activism

The e-journal on youth activism and leadership is a collection of articles written by the CAT fellows and alumni, as well as project partners. It covers topics of youth leadership, youth activism and social transformation in the European and Eastern Partnership context, as well as learning accounts from the CAT Fellows.

Es Shen Gekheba Campaign(This Affects You Campaign) – Case-Study led by Open Society Georgia Foundation

CAT admin Aug 24, 2019

Review  Non-governmental and media organizations started the campaign “Es Shen Gekheba(This Affects You)” in February, 2012 led…

The “5 Qapik” Campaign in Azerbaijan – Case Study

CAT admin Aug 24, 2019

This case study was developed by Saadat Abdullazada for the Centre for Training and Consultancy. The "5…

Campaign to Change the Discriminatory Laws in Iran – Case Study

CAT admin Aug 20, 2019

This case study was developed by Maryam Mirza for the Centre for Training andConsultancy (CTC). This case…

Campaign to Save Gudiashvili Square – Case Study

magda Jul 04, 2019

This case study presents the “Save Gudiashvili Square” campaign implemented by Tiflis Hamkari from 2009–2015. (more…)

Campaign to Protect Vake Park in Tbilisi – Case Study

CAT admin Jun 04, 2019

 The case of Vake Park is one of the successful cases of urban activism in Tbilisi. In…

Campaign to save Batumi Boulevard – Case Study

magda Mar 11, 2018

This article presents the civic campaign conducted in 2015–2016 to save Batumi Boulevard, the most significant recreational…