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CAT Edition I (AW18)

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The first CAT edition took place in Autumn 2018 and involved in total 20 participants from Azerbaijan and Georgia: young activists and leaders involved in various groups and movements focusing on gender equality, social inclusion, fundamental freedoms, ecological transition, women rights, active citizenship and more, attended the training. The educational programme included:

# Residential Training Course “Mobilising communities and fostering change — A Training in Social Transformation“ in Tbilisi on October 22-26, 2018

# E-course “Reflecting on our intervention design — From planning to implementation” with mentorship meetings held in Tbilisi and Baku

# E-course “Reflecting on our internal practices” with mentorship meetings held in Tbilisi and Baku

# Residential Seminar “Learning achievements and next steps” held on December 13-14, 2018 in Tbilisi

The CAT training programme applied methods of non-formal education.

As a follow-up measure, four alumni from the CAT Edition I (2 Azerbaijani and 2 Georgians) were selected to participate in the “CAT Fellowship” complementary measure, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme (EACEA).
More information on CAT Fellowship here.

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Participants’ opinions about the CAT programme


“The CAT programme helped me to see the importance of civic activism differently and gave me practical skills to mobilize groups.”

“The CAT programme was like a roadmap for me to understand what we were doing in my group and what I should do in my next step. After completing the training course, I began to get more involve in my organization’s work process and give some ideas for the sake of our cause. The programme gave me the courage to dig deeper and apply to study in abroad in order to be qualified to work for civil society. And most importantly, this programme has brought me a wide range of new friends that each of them has his or her own interesting story to share.”

“Thanks to the CAT programme I got new information about society. I improved my skills for managing my team successfully.”

“I re-gained hope for a better future!”

“The CAT programme gave me self-confidence to plan and organize activities in the sphere where I am.“

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Interview with CAT Edition 1 Georgian alumni

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