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Meet the CAT Fellows!

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Here below you will find a portrait of the CAT Fellows who are involved in the CAT Fellowship. If you want more information about their campaigns or advocacy initiatives, do not hesitate to contact us and we will put you in touch with them!

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Fellows – Spring 2019

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Ani (Georgia)

“My initiative is to create a space for women to meet and engage into a dialogue to share their personal experiences. The idea is drawn from Consciousness Raising Groups (CRG) which were first introduced during the early days of Women’s Liberation Movement and have even been described as the “backbone of the women’s movement”. CRGs is the way of knowing how and what women think about the issues affecting them. The point of these meetings is to politicize the personal, speak up about the issues which are generally considered as private and draw attention to structural inequality causing these problems.”

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Mabila (Azerbaijan)

“My project aims to raise awareness about the limitations women in Azerbaijan are facing and realize one possible way of fighting against it. I am going to create a safe web-platform for women in order to give them a space to share their stories. This is a small step to realize my vision: Without considering others condemnations, women can be themselves and be an inspiration for others in this regard.”

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Meri (Georgia)

“My Project “Inside out – A peer education programme for intercultural learning“ will contribute to young people of Georgia to encounter themselves as global citizens, respect other cultures, feel safe and use their potential in their home country and abroad, without boundaries. Therefore, the project aims to mobilize local and international volunteers in Georgia to organize workshops for school students. We hope that supporting the internationalization of the classroom in Georgia will foster the intercultural competence development of young Georgians.”

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Narmin (Azerbaijan)

“My vision is a future where young people with bright brain and full of creative ideas are motivated to pursue their own goals. That’s why I am focusing on development of entrepreneurial thought and mind-set, business, personal skills and community engagement among young people. Because youth are our future and we can’t close our eyes on their thoughts, dreams and we must open them the road to achieve their goals for better future.”

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Fellows – Autumn 2019

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Meko (Georgia)

“My project aims to establish a network of young women who will actively promote gender equality in their society. During this project we will create physical alternative space for young women, hold regular meetings every Sunday to discuss different gender based problems and share experience on how to handle these problems.  By sharing their experiences and receiving new knowledge, I believe that they would become more empathetic towards each other and will develop a sense of collective responsibility.  This network will serve to empower women and I strongly believe that, empowering them to handle gender based oppression and to fight against it, enables us to make at least a small change in the whole community”

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Tamar (Georgia)

“My initiative implies to rise public awareness about the people from Georgia who worked in Chernobyl during liquidation process after the nuclear accident. The aim of my initiative is to draw public attention and support towards people who worked under risk and damaged their health in their workplace – in particular, the people who took part in dealing with the consequences of the nuclear disaster. In order to achieve the aim, in the frame of this initiative I will focus on collecting personal stories of Georgian Chernobyl liquidators and make it accessible to wide society.”

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Nuray (Azerbaijan)

“My vision is to have youth aware of the importance of their participation in social change and willing to be actively involved in change processes. Therefore, the project aims to raise awareness among youth about civic activism and citizen engagement for community development.Accordingly, small steps are needed to reach that big goal. My project’s small steps are purposed to create a guide/manual on “civic activism and citizen engagement” at the end.”

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Aygun (Azerbaijan)

“My project “Community LEAD” will uphold young people on their journey for community development to create immediate and lasting solutions in the field of social change via non-formal education. It will inspire the young people to find innovative strategies to some of the most intractable challenges of the society and to take action in order to make positive contributions.”

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Fellows – Spring 2020

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Ina (Georgia)

“I aim at actualizing the impact of COVID-19 on babysitters as one of the largest groups of women employed unofficially in a caring economy in Georgia. COVID-19 and mass social distance campaign made most of these women in a rather vulnerable state. Unlike formal sector workers who can be easily traced by the state and provide needed support, Informal workers are difficult to reach and their problems remain invisible and ignored by the government and society. There is an alarming need to create welfare schemes that are inclusive of informal workers and particularly women in the caring economy. Within the project activities, I will do my best to make the women visible to the government and the society at large”


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Leyla (Azerbaijan)

“My project “Me Too” aims to raise awareness on women’s economic empowerment. This action concentrates on development of entrepreneurial mind-set, business and personal skills among females, as well as motivation for realization their thoughts. Because women play an irreplaceable role in human progress and, therefore, the formation of women who are able to stand on their own feet is one of the most significant points”


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Lia (Georgia)

“By highlighting the importance of career planning and professional skills development; seeking to more deeply understand employment opportunities in Adjara Region, the Social Campaign “Create and Employ” envisions to promote employment rights and employment opportunities for youth in the Region. The campaign aims to develop Internship and professional volunteerism programs by the Government of Adjara in cooperation with the mobilized Group of Youth in the region. The campaign objective is to promote internships and professional voluntarism programs for youth in the Adjara region through social mobilization and political advocacy to public institutions”


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Nigar (Azerbaijan)

“Project idea of mine contains youth empowerment through trainings that aim to encourage and inform a group of youngsters from suburban areas. Unlike the young from cities, these cults are less acknowledged of productive volunteer opportunities in Azerbaijan and EU, they’re facing various difficulties after graduating school in order to choose a right major or university. Trainings will contribute proper information in these fields, hopefully”


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