Job Shadowing

The CAT fellows perform a 14-days job shadowing in a EU partner organisation. The Fellows depart in Azerbaijani-Georgian teams in 3 flows in Spring 2019, Autumn 2019, and Spring 2020. In total 12 fellows will be sent to 2 hosting organisations:

Zemgale NGO Centre in Jelgava, Latvia, for job-shadowing focusing on youth work, youth participation, capacity building of civil society, volunteering and active citizenship, intercultural work (8 Fellows)

Asociacion Egeria Desarrollo Social in Malaga, Spain, for job-shadowing focusing on youth activism, gender issues, community development, mobilising and building coalitions across civil society actors (4 Fellows)

The job shadowing aims to develop competences of young leaders and activists from Azerbaijan and Georgia in advocacy and campaigning, specifically to explore practices and methodologies related to their field of work. The mobility programme will be tailored to the Fellows’ profiles and expectations. Concretely it features following activities:

Exploring the work of the host organisation

Semi-guided interviews with a broad range of CSO actors including activists

Shadowing educational events

Participating in stakeholders meetings or advocacy events

Networking and partnership-building

Reflecting on own learning and compiling observations including drafting articles for the e-journal and keeping a personal diary

Presenting own work and civil society context in Azerbaijan and Georgia during visibility and dissemination action

Fellowship in Spring 2019

In March 2019, 4 fellows from Azerbaijan and Georgia attended their job-shadowing at CSO partner organisations in Malaga, Spain and in Jelgava, Latvia (in cross-cultural tandems). Check here the activity reports of their stay including programmes of activities:

Report of the Job Shadowing at Asociacion Egeria Desarrollo Social in Malaga, Spain

Report of the Job Shadowing at Zemgale NGO Centre in Jelgava, Latvia

Job Shadowing in Jelgava and Riga, Latvia

Job Shadowing in Malaga, Spain

Fellowship in Autumn 2019

In August 2019, four Fellows for Azerbaijan and Georgia have been selected for the Fellowship Programme. After attending a one-day preparation meeting in Tbilisi and Baku, they departed for the job-shadowing at the EU partner organisation Zemgale NGO Center in Jelgava from October 13 to October 26, 2019. Following this, the strategic planning workshop is foreseen in November 2019, and therefore the Fellows will start implementing their advocacy  initiative in Baku and Tbilisi.

Job Shadowing in Jelgava and Riga, Latvia

Fellowship in Spring 2020

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