CTC CAT program announces about upcoming International Virtual Conference “Covid 19 impact on Civic Activism” to be held on 2-3 September. COVID 19 pandemic impacts in many different ways socio-economic, political and cultural aspects of life and affects all segments of the population while exposing many vulnerable people to higher uncertainties and risks. The v-Conference will try to explore implications of COVID 19 on civic movements and civic activism. v-Conference will mobilize civic activists engaged from in informal grassroot organizations, CSOs leaders partnering with civic movements and other actors supporting growth and development of civil society and community movements from the region and beyond. The discussion will focus on issues like how the pandemic and new reality can influence cause, strategies and organizing of civic movements, what are the pivotal new challenges that may need civic response. Shortly the v-Conference agenda and information about key-note speakers will be available through v-Conference web-page.

The v-Conference is organized as part of its international CAT program which aims to support the emerging non-violent civic movements oriented at social transformation and change through training and educational programs. Since recent period the program started to collect and display case-studies of civic actions which can be found on the following link >>