Live Dialogue – Competence Framework for Activists

Recorded video from the CAT Conference – Live Dialogues

This live dialogue session allows the audience to enter into dialogue with two key members of the Ulex Project. Ulex framework is made of 5 key social movement capacities (narrative, disruptive, institutional, prefigurative and resilience) from which Ulex capacity development projects are derived. Current covid19 related challenges and responses in terms of competence development of activists  is highlighted, drawn from recent needs assessments and on-going capacity development programmes across Europe.
Key-note speakers:
• Gee, ULEX Programme Director (Catalunya, Spain)
• Ewerist Zaremba, ULEX Project Core Team Member (Catalunya, Spain)
• Sebastian Schweitzer, senior trainer in the CAT programme for the Centre
for Training and Consultancy, Georgia

Live Dialogues – dialogue with keynote speakers about the current trends and main challenges of activism and movements.