About Job Shadowing – Insights from CAT Fellow

Warm Greetings from Azerbaijan!

The CAT programme was my first activity as a youth worker and civil activist. I had the chance to be in different places and meet different people. Seeing how they act and take responsibility helped me gain various points of view to contribute to my society meaningfully. I was lucky to take the first steps through this program, a beginning with that luck can lead to prosperity.

After getting the chance to be a job-shadower, I went on a two-week trip to the Zemgale NGO Centre in Latvia. My experience there helped transform my crude ideas into fully formed ones, and I came back believing in myself more than before. 

It’s acceptable for a twenty-year-old girl to convert ideas into acts till the time comes when real opportunities start to appear. Opportunities give you inspiration and self-confidence to carry out, make it realise. Confidence includes motivation, self-belief, result-oriented actions, being well-informed and having focal point effect on issues that need to be solved. With all these, you can listen to yourself and act freely, without any outside interruption, no matter from whom or what it comes.

Being amongst accomplished people and learning from them was a power. I met so many of them – skilful, motivated, competitive youth workers at the NGO. Being there, I wondered how people collaborate with and empower each-other; how they create a comfort zone for everyone who is by their side; and how they devote themselves to achieve a goal with the true insight of leadership. It taught me how to regain my confidence, how to socialise, interact with people from different cults and spheres, and reconsider my thoughts about cooperation and unique power.

“To do is to be”, as the saying goes. After going through the whole learning cycle from the very beginning of the programme until the visual end, at this stage, I have got access to crucial information beneficial to execute and finalise my competences. Throughout the timeline, I wrote my project recalling what I learnt in Latvia, and essential knowledge and experience led me to the right direction.

To summarise, it does not matter where or with whom you are. If you have the intuition to learn and observe, can decide what is necessary for you, can manage your time correctly and principally, and have the confidence to endure all difficulties, you will fulfil your potential anyway.

Nigar Muzaffarova,
CAT Alumni and Fellow


Job-Shadowing February 25 – March 9, 2020 / Latvia – JELGAVA & RIGA