Success Story – Tamara Chakvetadze

‘I adore children. Creating safe environment for them is my priority. The most effective protection we can give to children is to learn how to hear them out’, says Tamara Chakvetadze, a Parenting Program coordinator, trainer and a CAT program participant.

Before she joined the CAT program, Tamara had worked as an early education specialist in a preschool. Creating healthy environment for children was a challenge to her. As she continued her work, she arrived at a conclusion that ‘even if a teacher offers a healthy environment [to children], what matters is the consistency of parents at home.’ That is how Tamara got into issues of parenting. However, back then she knew little about community and team building. ‘It was the CAT program that enabled me to nail the basics of community building and got me thinking about the importance of adequately evaluating my skills and those of my team members, as well as the urgency for communication between community and team members. To cut it short, the program gave me the insight into nuts and bolts of what we must know if we are up to changing or contributing to a change in our society’, that is what Tamara has to say about the impact the program has had on her work. 

After finishing the program, Tamara decided to make better use of her interests and deep dive into parenting and related issues. Today Tamara is a trainer of early childhood education and parenting. She is also an active participant of online programs and conferences, partners with the Experimentorium, provides trainings in cooperation with psychologists and fellow trainers. Tamara has developed a program which is built on the rights of the child, principles of parenting and safety of the child in both cyber and real worlds. She plans to introduce her trainings to schools, universities and various public venues.

Tamara says she has been into activism since she was 22.  She aims for bringing social changes to society. ‘Activism, as I see it, is not limited only to standing in the street. Activism is manifested in day-to-day life, and in my effort to introduce changes to where I am at the moment.’ As a parent and an activist, Tamara prioritises safe environment for children and perception of safety as they grow up. ‘That’s why I became a parenting coach. It is from early education and development that we can foster social changes and break down stereotypes’, says Tamara.