Change Your Mind, Change Your Life-Insights from CAT Fellow

This Blog was developed by Narmin Mammadova for the Centre for Training and Consultancy (CTC).

My name is Narmin and I am a psychologist and a youth worker. I work in a rural area of Azerbaijan, where many young people have good ideas and want to change themselves in a better way, but do not know-how. I have always wanted to do something with and for them. Therefore, I applied to the CAT program, and I was selected.

I am one of the first CAT fellows. After participating in the first CAT program, I was again selected for the second part, during which, I had the chance to do a job shadowing in Jelgava, Latvia. This experience was very helpful in refining ideas I had about creating a social entrepreneurship project. Then, I attended a strategic workshop in Tbilisi, which provided me with additional skills and knowledge. Ultimately, I developed and initiated project, which pursues the following objectives:

– To inspire and motivate young people to become active civil and social entrepreneurs

– To develop entrepreneurial and management competences of young people in rural Azerbaijan

After I started to promote my project, I have been receiving a lot of applications from young people with good ideas, who need help to realize the potential of their ideas. To do so, I organize a 4-day training program on various topics related to social entrepreneurship. Precisely, the program is composed of four 1 day workshop and 3 homework periods. Participants have an opportunity to develop and create their projects and get support from experienced entrepreneurs.

The core outcome of the project is to help young people develop their entrepreneurial and management knowledge and competencies, so they feel inspired and motivated to realize their ideas and bring them to life, and help their communities.

Thanks to the CAT program for helping me implement a project to inspire young people in my community!